Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sequential thinking

 I tell myself stories when I work.
All the time.
The story makes whatever I'm working on real to me.
The "Strong, Brave, Handsome" series of prints
were all the strong thoughts I had while my dog Booger was gone.
I cut them into cherry boards which were about 18 inches long.
I do the same with clients,
although sometimes 
the drawings become three dimensional.

Character Development of the Common Hamburger

For me, a side effect of not being able to see abstractly in fine art 
is an ability to animate nearly everything and anything.
Forks can run, salt and pepper shakers do what they are told,
every time I turn a door knob I'm grabbing some weird little guys nose.............
and I have a way with food.
This ability was thoroughly exercised for years in the Weber-Stephen "Grill-Out Times" newsletters.
2014 let me put the BurgerGuy to work for their Big Book of BURGERS.
Here he is.
Armed with typical eating utensils,
he's the first one you see when you open the Big Book of Burgers.
They are quite alive 
and capable of doing more than one would think possible for simple ground meat.
More than just cooked meat in a bun,
they've got remarkable balance and determination
to contend with any and all one might put upon them.
There's always been gossip about the BurgerGuy and members of the pickle family.
Yes. When I sit down to animate the supposed inanimate,
I am thorough and prolific.
Burgers, more frequently than not, 
share grill space with members of the Sausage family...
which I'll go into in a future post.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Linda Kelen Draws BurgerGuy for Weber's Big Book of Burgers by Jamie Purviance

  It's out!!  It's available!! 

Jamie Purviance's recipes and my BurgerGuy!!

I've got to give big credit to Peter of Blogger Tips and Tricks
where I found the instructions for posting a gif animation.   (Hmm...he's not doing his somersaults for me....not sure why. Click on him, see if he'll do it for you)
burger,meat,somersault,hamburger,Linda Kelen
I'll be replacing this BurgerGuy  with another  having an up-to-date email address.